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BrickETC is a platform meticulously crafted to nurture Excellence, Teach and build Confidence in young minds by providing an environment that helps them in channelling their passions and making informed choices for a meaningful career.

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Who is it for?

BrickETC welcomes students from 5th to 12th standards, regardless of their educational board and individuals of all ages who are eager to acquire new skills. We invite graduates and post-graduates who wish to upgrade their knowledge through our courses. Our platform is designed to help everyone find the right career path and excel with confidence and courage.

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Why choose us?

Education for all

Education for all

BrickETC aligns with three Sustainable Development Goals and adheres to the guidelines of the National Education Policy (NEP).

Be the trend- setter

Be the trend-setter

Explore your chosen field with India’s first ed-tech, gaining valuable insights and guidance to pursue holistic learning.

Unleash your future career

Unleash your future career

Unlock a promising and commercially relevant path for your future career, as we empower you with the necessary skills and knowledge.

Learn from the experts

Learn from the experts

Enrich your learning experience with courses designed and delivered by our team of expert teachers, professors, and educators.

Flexible learning anytime, anywhere

Flexible learning anytime, anywhere

Embrace the convenience of attending our after-school/after-college program at your own pace and from any location that suits you best.

Inspire your passion to profession

Translate Curiosity to Career

Discover the inspiration to turn your passion into a fulfilling profession, as we guide you towards your creative aspirations.


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Teach at BrickETC

Become a mentor and change lives - including your own.

Join our mentoring program today and embark on a rewarding journey of making a positive difference in the world.

Teach at BrickETC
empower future generations
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Partner with us

Join forces as a valued partner

Collaborate with us to empower the next generation of creators, nurturing their potential to become architects of a better tomorrow.

Teach at BrickETC
transform tomorrow’s creators
invest in the future
create a thriving community


Know our founder

Dr. Pooja Misal

Dr. Pooja Misal


Meet Dr. Pooja Misal, our visionary founder, a true trailblazer in the world of education. With a passion for empowering learners and a relentless pursuit of innovation, Pooja has revolutionized the way knowledge is imparted.

Her creative brilliance and unwavering dedication have laid the foundation for an exceptional learning experience that inspires and transforms lives. Join us on this extraordinary journey, guided by the wisdom of Pooja Misal,

Our team

Know our experts

Learn with industry certified mentors with real-world experiences.
Minu Joshi

Minu Joshi

Architect, Academic Researcher

Isha Pungaliya

Isha Pungaliya


Sayali Sancheti

Sayali Sancheti

Graphic Designer, Enterpreneur

Suraj Bhandari

Suraj Bhandari

Architect, Urban Sketcher & Academician

Know our experts